Difference Between Axial Fan And Centrifugal Fan

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September 30, 2018
Centrifugal fan performance
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November 23, 2018
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Centrifugal Fan performance

As it is quite clear that there are only two basic types of industrial fans; axial fans and Centrifugal fans. Both of these fans are dissimilar from one another for various reasons. There is a vast difference in the performance of an axial fan and centrifugal fan performance. They even have different applications. To clear up the confusion here is a breakdown of both the fans, their uses, and the benefits.

centrifugal fan Vs Axial fan

Advent And Working

Axial fans originally belong to Europe in the Middle ages however the first electrically powered fans were introduced in 1880’s. Whereas, a Russian military

engineer in 1832 invented the centrifugal fan. Axial fans are named on the direction of the airflow they create. Their blades rotate around an axis to draw air in parallel to that axis and forces it out in the same direction.

Centrifugal fans are on the other hand operates very differently from the axial. They are also called blowers for a fan wheel increases the pressure of an oncoming air stream, and the direction of the outgoing air is changed to almost 90 degrees to the incoming air’s direction. These fans move air radially. The fan wheels are the series of blades mounted on the circular hub and are known to be the centrifugal fan performance manufacturers as the working of the fan depends on it.

Flow Of Air

Axial fans require a higher flow rate to create flow. They create a large volume of airflow, but it is of low pressure. Low power input is needed for operation. On the contrary centrifugal fan performance is better because they create a higher pressure airflow. The airflow is created by a system of ducts and tubes directly. They need a higher power input for the operations. The flow of air is also steadier by the centrifugal fans.


General purpose applications like moving air from one place to the other, cooling large and confined spaces are best suited for the axial fans. The centrifugal fans are considered ideal for high-pressure applications. Many factors can be considered as the centrifugal fan performance manufacturers; some of the factors are listed here.

Better Centrifugal Fan Performance

The excellent energy efficiency manufactures the performance of the centrifugal fan. The continuity in the airflow aid these fans to reach the energy up to 84% static efficiency so it can sustain larger air systems. The other factor is the excellent durability. They work in most corrosive and erosive atmospheres. They also avoid overloading because they are fitted with non-overloading horsepower curves. These curves ensure that the motor does not overload in case the capacity over exceeds.

Centrifugal fans are considered versatile as they can be used for various airflow/pressure combinations. They can process clean, dry, and wet air. This type if industrial fans are easy to maintain and it is also available in many sizes.