Defroster system of Automobile * Application of FB-M&F Blowers

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September 10, 2018
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October 25, 2018
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Defroster system of Automobile * Application of FB-M&F Blowers

Every year in winter, it’s a big problem for all drivers that heavy froster covering on the windshield of the car.You have to brush again and again.Maybe you’ll be late for work. How to sove?

The defroster system of automolbile is your helper which can make the froster dissolve quickly. The more important thing is that make your car warm but with very little energy.So more and more people like the car equipped with The defroster system. As you know, the duct blower is a very key parts of this system.

FB-M&F BLDC Duct Blowers is made specially for The defroster system of automolbile with high performance like a state-of-the-art sine wave sensorless drive which make the blower work silently,PWM and analog input for continuous adjustment of fan speed,long service life 60,000 hours normally, IP68 compliant that means that the motor is fully sealed and some protection function like overcurrent,overvoltage,overload, locked rotor and polarity etc..
Trust me, FB-M&F BLDC Duct Blowers is the right choice of your defroster system of automolbile.

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