Benefits And Uses Of Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal Fan performance
Difference Between Axial Fan And Centrifugal Fan
October 25, 2018
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Centrifugal fan performance

Centrifugal fan

Since the beginning of the industries fan & blower both have been used and are the element for many production processes. However, the popular choice for modern air handling applications is one and only centrifugal fan. The simple design of these fans cut the production costs and is super-easy to manufacture in a short time.

They have unusual aerodynamic properties and are widely known for allowing improved airflow in HVAC systems and vehicles. There are various types of these fans which offer different applications, but altogether they are a far better choice than the axial fans. They have several benefits including being efficient and versatile.

Centrifugal Fan Performance

It is energy efficient. Centrifugal fans generate constant airflow which allows static energy to reach up to 84%. Larger air systems are sustained through these higher energy levels.


They are durable and are ideal for both corrosive and erosive environment.

Restricts Overloading

They are fitted with curves that have the non-overloading horsepower. These curves ensure the motor is not over-load than its capacity.

Easy Maintenance And Versatility

Light material of these fans along with the usefulness for multiple airflow combinations is considered as the centrifugal fan performance manufacturers.

Various Sizes

In order to accommodate diverse applications, the fans are available in different sizes. There are sizes available to reach the problematic areas and tight spaces as well.

Centrifugal Fans In Exhaust System

The rotor in the centrifugal fan is the distinctive feature. It rotates around the motor axis to capture the flow and expels it from the inlet axis at 900. It makes the fan able to convey the air in any hose.

The constant airflow and aerodynamics overcome the natural pipe resistance. The flow can also be aimed in any desired direction. These fans can adapt to any pipe system easily.

At places like garages and workshops, exhaust gas has to be removed every day. To remove gas from a workplace and convey it outside, the centrifugal fans are the best solution.

There are various capacity models of the fans available in the market according to the application that is required. Some manufacturers even provide different electrical specifications so they can be adjusted to varying standards of different countries.

The manufacturers also market many accessories to enhance the working of a centrifugal fan. These accessories include wall panels, control panels, and shock-proof feet.

Wrap Up

Fan & blower were used to circulate air around, but with the technological advancements, the role got wider. Now, fans play a vital role in aviation and automotive energy production. Centrifugal fans are however at the top of the list due to their simple construction and cost-effectiveness. They make wonderful air pollution control systems.